Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tips for 2012

The end of the year is quickly approaching which means people are thinking about what it is in 2012 they would like to change about themselves or their lives in general. I've learned through personal experience that New Years resolutions are often related to health, fitness, and weight loss, and through research I've learned that more than 50% of people have broken their resolution come June. One thing I think can help tremendously is to make your resolution attainable which means setting a goal like, "I will start lifting weights three times a week and watch my sugar intake" instead of, "I want to look like Jamie Eason by the end of the year". Sure, maybe you can look like Jamie by the end of the year, but setting a more realistic goal may be the way you actually stick to your resolution this year. Here are a few smaller things you can focus on that will make a big difference!

Limit your cardio and start lifting- Doing cardio is undoubtedly good for your heart and I know some people live for their runners high, but it is not the way to shape and tone your body. Extended cardio sessions will actually cause your body to start tapping into muscle to use as energy and we don't want that! The more muscle you carry, the more metabolic your body is which basically means you have a higher metabolism. Having a high metabolism allows you to burn more calories throughout the day, ultimately leading to fat loss. I wish this is something more people knew and understood but unfortunately this myth about cardio to lose weight has been created and stuck with many, especially women. Cardio can definitely result in weight loss, but you will have that "skinny-fat" look that will never change unless you pick up the weights. Trust me, I know from experience.

Watch your sugar intake. This means fruit too. Sugar is one of the main contributors to that stubborn belly fat everyone wants to get rid of. Try to aim for no more than 5-6g of sugar in one sitting. Fruit is unfortunately high in sugar and although natural, still causes that spike in insulin which typically results in your body storing fat. Not to worry though, there are 2 times that you can eat fruit without hindering your progress: with breakfast or right after your workout along with protein. The sugar in the fruit will actually help transport the protein to your muscles faster, which is great!

Cut starchy carbs 3-4 hours before bed- This one might be a little harder to do, but getting rid of the grains like brown rice, Ezekiel bread, and oats later at night will be very helpful when trying to cut fat. Your body uses carbs as energy and when you eat them late in the day when your body doesn't need energy they will  likely be stored as fat. Instead opt for carbs that are lower on the GI index like spaghetti squash, yams, and any other veggies.

Please step away from the scale! That's right, throw it away! Scales are horrible ways to measure your progress. Scales cannot accurately read how much muscle is on your body or what your body fat percentage is so the number it gives you is basically useless. Your weight can fluctuate so much during one day due to your body holding water, food intake, etc. that truthfully it's not even worth looking at. Measure your progress using photos, the way your clothes fit, and accurate body fat percentage testing.

Remember to take baby steps changing one bad habit at a time, eventually everything will come together and you will be well on your way to the healthy lifestyle you want :)

What's your resolution? I want to know!


  1. Awesome post! I used to LIVE for the scale. I would step on it 2-3 times a day to make sure I was always within a certain range. I don't even look at it now. Also, I used to do about 2 hours of cardio a day. thanks. Now it's all about lifting and short bursts of interval training! Unless I have a race to train for, I'm not wasting my time doing cardio!!

  2. Great post. I love it. I recently decided to cut down on fruit to see if it helps with my stomach which is my problem area.
    I never really thought about the sugar from the fruit hindering seeing definition.

  3. I am a huge fan of pbfingers and honestly haven't found another blog that kept me even a little interested, and trust me I've been trying! Yours is great! I'm so inspired and will definitely be back! Thanks!

  4. Aww what a nice comment Alexis, thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy it {No pressure...} :)

  5. My resolution is quite the same as yours, cut way back on the cardio and focus on weight lifting. I am complete od about cardio and have forced my body into overtraining mode and also have a flat flabby look to me now. I am skinny, but the tone is nowhere near where I would like to be.

  6. These are GREAT tips! I actually need to follow all of them! I've let weight lifting slide and need to get back into it, I really need to cut out white sugar because I'm actually not supposed to have it at all according to my doctor, I'm trying SO HARD to avoid the scale, and I actually didn't know that about starchy carbs but now I do!

  7. I totally need to spend time considering how I can combine your resolutions with my own. Many of ours overlap; however, I am weary to reduce my beloved cardio! Don't take my running away! However, they eating rules I support.


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