Monday, December 5, 2011

Taking the good with the bad

How does the saying go? With the good, comes the bad? or is it With the bad, comes the good? 

Either way, my life seems to be evening out lately with both bad and good.

I made cauliflower mashed potatoes over the weekend for the first time (since I have my super awesome blender now) and they are yummy. So, this is good

All you have to do is steam your cauliflower and then put it in your blender with pepper, garlic and a splash of almond milk.

We did not get the Christmas lights put up on the house this weekend due to rain. This is bad. Very bad. 

Pinterest inspired me to make a wreath. This is good. And fun.

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PS- All Christmas decor is at least 50% off at Joann's right now! 

B is sick, and my body is still deciding if I'm going to get really sick or just stick with this in between kinda sick kinda not thing it has going on. This is bad.

I made pumpkin protein pancakes for the first time in a while on Sunday morning. This is definitely good

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After filling in my planner for the week, I'm realizing this might possibly be the busiest week of my life. This can be good or bad I suppose. I am excited that I have a couple new recipes to try this week, and with any luck they will come out good and I can share with you! 


  1. Oh my goodness, that cauliflower looks amazing! I have been meaning to try mashed cauliflower. It seems like such a comfort food.

    Also, your wreath is so cute!!

  2. Hi! That cauliflower recipe does sound good! Can you post it under sides? ;) i love checking yiur recipes reminds me to make things... :) love checking ur blog daily!

  3. the pancakes look delish!! I hope you don't get sick and that you make it through this week without any bad!! I hope it's off to a great start! xoxo!

  4. for your cauliflower use a couple tbs of plain non fat greek yogurt and a 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast, salt, pepper - you will love it

  5. I clicked on your cheddar biscuit link and ended up here.

    1. Should be fixed! If that happens again and you need a recipe right then you can always use the search bar :)


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