Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I ate Wednesday #3

Well we have made it halfway through another week alive, always good news in my book! The weather man told me that it is supposed to rainy and cold all weekend which hopefully means lots of couch time for me, since I melt in the rain. No really, I do. A little couch time will be much needed since I feel like I'm definitely coming down with something. Everyone and their mom (and my mom) seems to have Bronchitis right now, and my cough, sore throat, and manly voice are telling me that something is definitely up. Hopefully I can kick it before it gets too bad! Anyway, on to the good stuff... What I ate Wednesday! 

Started off with a bowl of hot oatmeal (overnight oats are out, for this week anyway)

Pumpkin protein shake for post work out, which I have still failed to share the recipe for... tomorrow! 

B made a scramble with jalapeno, mushroom, onion, and lean turkey sausage. SO good. I had this with a raspberry protein bar and cup of green tea.

Salmon marinaded in my spicy marinade with yam chips and veggies for lunch. I'm quite surprised my skin hasn't started turning orange from all the pumpkin and yams I eat.... 

The standard cottage cheese and almonds for mid afternoon. It's a repeat pic, so shoot me.

Kabobs for dinner! I have thrilling news to report, thrilling for me anyway. I barbecued these all by myself! I'm typically scared of the BBQ, well, fire in general, but B was getting home late from work and these suckers needed to be cooked. So, I maned up and did it myself. {Pat on the back} It was terrifying and I never want to do it again.

Good ol' casein pudding right before bed.
Happy hump day! eww. I really hate that saying...


  1. I LOVE your eats! Those kabobs look droolworthy haha and you just can't go wrong with casein puddings before bed, am I right?? :D
    Happy WIAW!

  2. bahahaha i am TERRIFIED of the grill! I can't seem to muster up the courage to try it out alone so GO YOU!!!! =) the kabobs look awesome!

    happy belated wiaw!!!!

  3. hahaha. This entire post cracked me up. I'm terrified of the grill too. Did it once, and I'll never do. it. again. Not my thang...thats his territory. I don't like flames leaping out at my face, thanks. (okay, maybe Im being a tad dramatic). Good job though, I'm proud of you :)


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