Friday, November 11, 2011

Overnight Oats Addiction

Today is a good day.
Want to know why? Because this is how my morning started off. How can you have a bad day after a sunrise so beautiful!?

Plus it's Veterans Day, (I'm at work, don't really get why since every other email is replied to with an Out-Of-Office) PLUS it's 11-11-11, how cool is that! I hope something lucky happens to me today :) My daily motivational photo on Facebook this morning (Click here if you want to check it out) really got me thinking and it's about time I redefine my impossibles. Maybe it's because my birthday is next week and I'll be another year older, but {as cheesy as this sounds} I'm really one of those people that believes every day is a blessing and you should do everything you can to make each day a good day. I am going to take some time this weekend to think about what I've deemed as impossible and see if I can figure out a way to make them happen, hopefully you will too!

Today is also a good day because I ate overnight oats for breakfast. Yep. Those little babies start my day off on just the right note! I don't know if I've mentioned this in the past, but I am not so good horrible at making decisions. I mean I'll give myself a headache thinking so hard about what I should eat for breakfast, or if I should have green tea or chai tea. You may laugh, but I'm so serious! It's a problem. On Monday I somehow decided I was going to make my regular hot blueberry oatmeal and it just tasted so eh. I was so mad at myself afterwards, I mean, do you only get one breakfast per day! So since Monday I've had overnight oats every morning and I think I'm pretty much addicted.

There's just something about the texture and how all the flavors are infused together that just makes overnight oats to die for. I was stuck on the pumpkin for a while, but switched it up with blueberry the last few days. I use 1/2 C oats, about 2 pasteurized egg whites, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 packet truvia,1 scoop vanilla protein powder, lots of cinnamon (as you can see) and a dash of vanilla. Mix it all up really good, I added blueberries and a little coconut shavings to the top. Make sure you cover it when you put it in the fridge so you don't end up with onion-y tasting oats!

The other great thing about them is it takes about 3.4 seconds to uncover and start devouring! 

Lastly, I wanted to stick to my promise of sharing my  daily meal plan more often, so here's what's in the cooler grocery bag today.

M1- Overnight Oats (duh.)
M2- (PWO) 1 scoop protein powder and 1/2 a banana
M3- 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1 blueberry protein muffin
M4- Moroccan Stewed Chicken with Brown rice

By the way, I made this for the first time in a while last night and was reminded how awesome it is... especially for winter time. 
M5- Egg white scramble with mushroom, onion, and jalapenos. 
M6- I think we are going to B's moms house for dinner, so I actually have no idea what this will be. I know, I'm really living life on the edge ;)
M7- Casein Pudding 
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! 


  1. Question: If I work out should I do the 5 meals? What if I don't work out that day-stick to the 5 meals? I was talking to my boyfriend and he feels less calories when you don't work out is better. Do you have any suggestions to kick start a weight loss plan for myself- I'm 5"11 and weigh 162...I would like to get in the 140's and maintain...what major tips do you have- I'm 26 years old too if that helps....thanks!!

  2. Hey Brandy,

    Your boyfriend is right, you should eat according to your activity levels. First you need to find out what your range of calories should be on light days (which would be days off, arms,and shoulders) and heavy days (back, legs, chest, or any other day you feel you hit it really hard in the gym). I jumped on to use their calculator and it looks like your range is 1650-1950 calories. To answers your other question, yes, I would definitely try to eat every 2.5-3 hours. It doesn't necessarily matter how many meals that ends up being (as you can see it's 7 for me), just as long as you're sticking to your calorie range. I would definitely say you should check out Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer on here's the link: it's a great plan and it lays everything out for you, all you have to do is do it! Hope that helps!

  3. Just whipped this up & stuck it in the Fridge for my hubby & me for breakfast in the morning! Im excited to taste it, he is a really picky eater so we'll see how this goes over :)

  4. I love your blog! Thank you so much for all of your ideas! You are stunning as well. I am curious as to how you eat your oats in the morning? Do you heat it up on the stove or eat it cold?

  5. I started reading your blog and I absolutely love it. I want to try the overnight oats. I was long do you put it in the microwave for?

  6. Jessica and Stephanie- I eat them cold! Sounds weird but it's actually really good!

  7. One more question:-/ what type of oats and protein powders do you specifically do you use? thanks a bunch!

  8. Hi Jessica! I get my oats from the bulk aisle at Whole Foods or Sunflower Market and I use Dymatize Iso 100 protein powder in vanilla. Don't hesitate if you have other questions!

  9. so the oats and egg whites don't get cooked at all? just straight in the fridge? i'm definitely going to give this a shot, just wanted to be sure first!

    1. Straight out of the fridge! Just make sure you use pasteurized egg whites!

  10. I'm curious about the oats as well, and it kind of goes along with Jessica's question. Do you use quick oats or the old fashion oats? Is there an advantage to old fashion vs quick or vise-versa?

    1. I use rolled oats from the bulk section at my local health food store. Rolled oats (or old fashioned) are better than quick oats because they take more energy for your body to digest.


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