Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mint Chocolate Protein Bars and Supplements

I try really hard not to be negative and to try to make every single day a great one. Well, that is hard when your day starts off by spilling your water bottle at the gym, then cutting your hand while making your post workout shake, then spilling your full cup of green tea allll over your desk, all before 9am. I don't think I've done anything bad lately but I kinda feel like Karma is really kicking my butt today for some reason! Maybe it was because I wouldn't let B tastes my Mint Chocolate Protein Bars until they were cooled last night and had to yell at him 3 times not to sneak a bite. 3 times. He is a small child.

I did some (read: lots) of recipe searching yesterday, mostly to figure out how I was going to make my sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. Don't worry, I will share the recipe with you... granted it comes out good. Anyway, my recipe searching led me to the grocery store after work and I picked up some mint extract. By the way: if you still need to go to the grocery store before Thanksgiving, you should go now. Like right now. It was a ZOO yesterday and shelves were already empty!

I used my chocolate protein bar recipe and just added 1/2 tsp of the mint extract and they came out minty and delicious. I left the cinnamon out of the glaze, because I wasn't sure how cinnamon and mint would taste, but I think it would be just fine... I mean cinnamon does taste good on almost everything. These would be perfect to bring as a dessert to a Holiday party, or for your boyfriend to gobble up in like 2 days :) Speaking of the Holidays, the New Year is a common time to start new weight loss and healthy eating programs but I say start now! Why push it off until you've gained another 5 pounds? A good place to start is by preparing with a great stack of supplements. I always order mine from bodybuilding.com because I've found they have the best prices, and also cheap and fast shipping. Here is what I take daily:

Dymatize Iso 100 Protein in Vanilla- I use this to bake with as well as in my protein bars and PWO shakes.
Amino Energy in orange or blue raspberry (on sale right now)- I do two scoops about 15 minutes before going to the gym. It has BCAA's as well as caffeine in it which is great at 5:30am!
Xtend BCAA's grape- I sip on one scoop of this during my workout- helps to prevent catabolism while working out. 
Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein in chocolate peanut butter- casein pudding every night before bed. This slow digesting protein takes about 7 hours to digest, which is perfect to keep your body from catabolizing over night.
Glutamine- helps with recovery, protein synthesis, and boosts immune system. I take 2 per day.
Fish Oil- helps with keeping hair, skin, nails etc healthy and has also shown to help burn fat.
Multivitamin- to fill in any nutritional gaps.
Digestive Enzyme- usually twice per day and usually before eating a meal with veggies. They seem to be hard on my stomach and the enzyme helps a lot. 

It may seem like a lot, but it's not too bad and I have found this is what works best for me. There are TONS of other supplements out there and I encourage you to play around with them until you find the ones that suit you best! 


  1. Ummm Hi, I think I'm new here, but I'm in love already!!!!! What a YUMMY looking bar....swoon, swoon and double swoon!!!!

    I will be making these this week when I'm alone and bored!! HAHA!


  2. I'm new too! The bar looks so divine...and btw, I'm a HUGE fan of digestive enzymes...sounds weird I know, but they help out with my digestion so much :) happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Welcome and thank you for the kind words! Kris I hope you enjoy the bars :)

  4. What's the difference between amino energy and the Xtend? I know one had caffeine but other than that aren't they both BCAA's.

    1. Yep they are! Ideally you want to have BCAA's before, during, and after your workouts.

  5. Hello. Do you use the ON Amino Energy? I've been using Jack3d for a long time and love the energy it gives me, but i'm looking for a cheaper pre-workout supplement. I work out at 5:00am and NEED something that ups my energy and endurance, and I see the ON Amino Energy is a lot cheaper(when on sale) then most other pre-workouts. I want to give it a try but am interested in knowing how it works for you and if you notice a increase in energy/endurance when you use it? Thanks!

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