Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lemon Raspberry Protein Bars

It officially looks like Christmas threw up in my office building, and I am loving it! 

There are trees and wreaths and garland everywhere! We won't discuss the fact that it is supposed to be 79 degrees today, because that would just ruin everything. We also managed to get our Christmas decorations up at home over the long weekend, now all that is left is the lights on the outside of the house, which B will be putting up this weekend, and he won't even complain about it. (Ya right). 

Last year the excuse was we had just moved in and were still getting settled (no, we weren't). I can only imagine what he will come up with this year! I do need to step up my decorating game a little, a few after Christmas sales definitely need to be attend by this girl because I really don't have all that much. Like I've mentioned before, my mom is the queen of holiday decorations (I'll grab a picture of her house this weekend) so I need to carry on the tradition! All the holiday decorating put me in a baking mood over the weekend... okay, lie. I'm always in a baking mood :)

I randomly picked up some raspberries at the grocery store and decided to incorporate them into my lemon protein bars. (Recipe is under the Favorite recipes tab, just scroll down a bit.) 

I followed the recipe exactly, and just threw in the berries at the end. Raspberries are pretty soft, so when you mix them in they will just fall apart, which is fine. These came out really good, I think I will do raspberry chocolate next! 


  1. I just love the holiday season!! I'm in Colorado so enjoying the cool weather, snow tomorrow...def puts you in the spirit. Thanks for posting this, always love to read. BTW...why no overnight oats this week, tired of them? I just tried this finally Monday, love all the varities you can do. Yum.!~Heather

  2. Not tired of them just.. lazy at night? haha :)

  3. those protein bars look delicious! I'll have to check out the recipe!


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