Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Healthy Halloween Treat

Okay, be honest, who caved to the candy yesterday!? I'm proud to say I held strong even with a huge bowls of Reese's around! Of course a little candy on Halloween never killed anyone, but I set a goal for myself of not giving in, and I wanted to stick with it. We went over to my parents house to hang out and have dinner, Turkey Chili is always a Halloween tradition for us.

My mom is always so good a decorating for any holiday... I'm quite jealous! I have a few (of her) decorations up at our house, but my parents house definitely takes the decorating cake. My little sister also takes the cake for cutest cupcake baker!

My mini me

Everyone that came over brought a little festive treat to share, there was brownies, candy, and pumpkin bars. I did some googling and found so many cute Halloween themed foods, so of course I chose the cleanest one to make! Scary apple mouths! 

I just sliced the apple in half, then angled the knife and cut out a little section to create the mouth shape. Spread some all natural peanut butter (only ingredients are peanuts and sometimes salt) then stuck sliced almonds in as the teeth. 

They came out really cute and I want to come up with more healthy treats to make next year. Today I'm back in all day training classes but once I get a few free minutes I will share what my daily food plan looks like- I've been asked for this a lot lately. Also, I will start sharing the workouts we are doing while back in this building phase that we're in... we are following the same concepts that are found in phase 2 of Jamie's trainer, but not doing those specific workouts. If you ever have any questions or want me to write about something specific please feel free to let me know!! 

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