Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spinach and Red Pepper Burger

With football season in full swing it feels like there is a BBQ to go to every time the weekend rolls around. {Do not get me started on how horrible of a season the Cardinals are having. I have officially lost faith .. but on a positive note ASU is doing great! GO DEVILS!} Last weekend my parents grilled for the football games and my mom made this great burger that I tried at home later in the week, and it turned out so yummy I just had to share :) I think she mentioned this is a spin on a burger that Yardhouse has-- it's easy to make and really spices up any type of burger.

Start by chopping up your spinach and red bell pepper. I used one package of lean ground chicken (1lb) but you can use lean ground turkey, beef, or bison. For one package two Roma tomatoes and a handful of spinach was the perfect amount. 

I then put the chopped veggies in a large bowl and added the chicken, then mixed it all up with my hands. (Yuck, I know but it works!) Then, just form your patties and season with onion powder, garlic powder, and pepper. 

Next, just throw them on the grill, and you're done! I did mine protein style with red onion, tomato, and of course reduced sugar ketchup. 

These are really quick and easy to make at home, or they are a great option to take with you to a BBQ. Also, for all the LiveFit people, these are really filling and a great option for those dreaded low carb days!

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