Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick and Easy!

So, the plan for dinner tonight was to have turkey burgers, but since my turkey burger griller (B) ditched me to watch the Diamondbacks game tonight, I was on my own... and I don't do the grill. (I'm scared). I had to think quick on the way home from work and ran into Fresh and Easy to see if anything inspired me, and it did! I picked up this awesome package of pre-cut bell peppers, onions, and jalapenos.

I came home and browned my supposed to be turkey burger ground turkey, added some spices (I like Lawrys Fajitas spice) then threw in the veggies at the end. 

Super easy. Super quick (less than 10 minutes). Super yummy. Clean eating doesn't have to be hard! 

Added some Tapatio, of course

Oh, and here's what I got when the ditcher came home :D


  1. When I am glad he made it up to you. lol and you had a great clean meal even without the ditch-er lol have a great day Little b

  2. Did you eat this by itself or did you roll it up into ezekiel tortillas?



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