Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A little travel!

Well, I'm currently in day two of my work trip and I'm still alive and kicking so that's good. :) I decided I really, really hate traveling by myself. Once I get to where I'm going I'm fine, but from the night before, to the goodbye, to the airport my anxiety is through the roof! I need to get used to it, because I'm going to be traveling more in 2012- whether I like it or not. Feeding off my last post, planning and preparing when going on a trip is essential. I can't count on airport food and the lunches at the conference to be clean, and I still need to consider the fact that I need to eat every 3 hours. So, I did a ton of prep for this trip. First I had to figure out how I was going to bring my food to the conference with me, and have it last from 8am-6pm. I did some browsing online and found these cute cooler totes that can easily double as a purse! It was exactly what I needed.
From Target, and under $15! Perfect!

Once I figured this out, I had to strategize what foods were best to pre-cook and what I could bring to make at the hotel. Here is what I ended up packing (all the food that needed to be refrigerated fit in my new cooler and I stuck that in my suitcase)

Lemon protein bars, tuna, carrots, turkey meatloaf muffins, chicken wraps with Ezekiel tortillas, chicken, frozen green beans, bananas, oats, protein powder, casein, and almonds. This food will get me through two full days, and two half days. I know I will be eating out at least one night, so I'll just have to do my best there, (at a bowling alley... could be tricky) but other than that I'm all set! It's great knowing that I won't get off track while I'm gone. Oh, and I just had to share this photo of my kitchen in the hotel... so great!

It has absolutely everything I need and more. The only thing missing from my life this week are cottage cheese and almond milk... two things that are usually staples in my day, but hey, I can't have it all :) Speaking of not being able to have it all, the hotel gym-well let's just say it leaves a lot to be desired. Prepare yourself for this "gym" photo...

There it is folks! Yep that's it! It's a 12x12 room with 2 treadmills and an elliptical, a bench, ball, and dumbbell set (not sure if you can call it a set, the heaviest one is 50lbs). I guess it is better than nothing, but nonetheless I was a bit disappointed when I walked in at 5:30 this morning. I did my best with the arms/abs/cardio routine for week 7, and was actually able to get a really good pump, but I think I will repeat that this week instead of legs. For leg day tomorrow, I foresee a lot of dumbbell lunges and squats, and I'll probably incorporate some plyo because, well, that's about all I can do. I wanted to share this to show that there is no need to make excuses! Do the best you can do, and make up for where you fell short when the appropriate tools and facilities are available. I've got to run back into the training... only 6 more hours left of my 12 hour day.. yay! (:/)

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  1. sounds like a great week ahead!!!! No excuses!


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