Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little busy

I am glad to report, I'm happy and full of energy today. YAY!! Started the morning off with my new oatmeal concoction... I like to call it Chocolate Oats. Very creative, I know. :)

- 1/3 C oats
- 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
- 1 egg white (The pasteurized ones out of the container)
- cinnamon
- Almond milk (amount depends on what consistency you like your oatmeal)
- Handful blueberries
- Stevia if you are a sweet person

1. Combine everything except protein powder in bowl and microwave for 1 minute.
2. Add protein powder.
3. That's it!!
After breakfast we hit the gym up for an awesome leg day and threw in a little abs at the end too. I'm excited to get in to Phase 2 of the trainer with cardio and cutting grains from a couple meals, I think everyone will really start to see changes. Today is my long day of work and school ( 9 hours at work and 3 at school), so I packed a whole bunch of food! I'll be eating meals 2,3,4, and 5 away from home today so I did a bit of cooking last night... In just 30 minutes I made: hard boiled eggs, sweet potato chips, baked 2 chicken breasts, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti squash, and green beans. Since we went to Bryan's mom's house for dinner last night, we didn't have too much for lunch today, and since I won't be home to cook tonight I knew I needed to do some serious cooking last night. I pre-planned everything so it was super quick and easy! So, here is what my food looks like for today...

Meal 2- Cottage cheese with Protein Powder and a little oats
Meal 3- Chicken, green beans, sweet potato chips
Meal 4- Turkey Muffin with lettuce, cucumber, and tomato
Meal 5- Spaghetti Squash (I added spinach and mushrooms to the sauce)
I also have a big glass of green tea, almonds to snack on while in my 3 hour class, and an Amino Energy packet to sip on during class too. (BTW if you order from make sure you search for free samples before you check out. There are usually quite a few to choose from and you can get up to 2 per order. I always get these Amino Energy packets because they are great to grab and go!) Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!


  1. Ok... I am freaked about cooking of eggs can I use a regular egg white and will it cook well? Not be super gross? Or get me sick?? I am sooooooo freaked about chicken and eggs!

  2. You don't want to do a regular egg because it is not pasteurized so you run the risk of salmonella. The egg whites in a carton are completely safe, you could drink them straight if you wanted to. I've been doing this for a while now and have never had an issue!


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