Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little venting...

So, you won't find workout tips or receipes in this blog post. WARNING: I'm about to vent.

 I just have to get somthing off my chest that has been bothering me a lot lately.... This was all spurred last week by someone asking me, "Are you still on that diet?" My response: "Are you still eating bacon cheeseburgers and drinking coke, because it looks like it." Okay, so that wasn't really my response, but it was the first thought that passed through my head!

I know that I can't change the worlds perception of the word diet, but I just wish people would understand. I'm not on a freaking diet! This is me. This is how I eat now. I like to make all my own food, food that grows out of the ground, and on trees, and that comes from animals. (That last part doesn't sound too appealing, but I don't know how else to say it... I eat meat!) Gone are the days of eating crap that is filled with chemicals and made in factories then placed into bags. I don't eat cookies and candy and cake. I don't want my food saturated in butter, oil, and salt.Why? Because it isn't healthy and it makes me feel like poop! Being healthy, lean, and having muscles makes me happy. Living the life I do has made me feel better than ever.

I think the thing that annoys me the most is I have never ever tried to push my beliefs/thoughts/way of life on anyone else, yet so many people feel the need to question me, and push the "normal". (What is normal anyway?) I don't get it. I don't have to eat like you, and you don't have to eat like me. Sure, you'll likely be sick in a hosptial bed when we are both 65 while I'm out running a marathon but, I digress.

So, just to be clear: The definition of diet is: food and drink regularly provided or consumed. (Merriam-Webster dictionary) Therefore, everyone has a diet they follow, mine just happens to be healthier than most.

Bottom line? I am happy. I love going to the gym. I love eating 6 times a day and planning out to a T everything I'm eating. Call me crazy! I don't really care. But please, people just get over it. I have found something I'm passionate about, and am lucky to have someone that supports me.  I still have fun and indulge when the time is right, but I'm not 21 anymore and drinking all day and all night, and binge eating every weekend isn't the least bit appealing.

[I do have to give a huge thank you to my family who has never once questioned clean eating, in fact I've received nothing but support... thanks guys :) ]

I hate being negative (and I promise not to do this too often) but I really needed to get these thoughts off my chest.

PHEW! I honestly do feel a lot better... now, where's my protein!? :)


  1. Way to go girl! I get comments all the time from people, especially at work when my co-workers are eating pizza and other naughty foods and I am sitting there eating my pre-portioned/packed meals. They feel sorry for me, but really I am sitting there feeling sorry for them! I love eating clean and feeling great every day! I have my cheat meals once a week and that is enough naughty food for me!

  2. I feel ya girl! I am skinny and peaople are always picking on me about dieting! im not on a diet! i just eat healthy!!

  3. I feel like that was me talking! You know what the interesting thing is though? People see your results and can sense your happiness and come to you wanting to know how to get what you have. Those people who question you are often jealous or truly don't get it. Just keep going b, you're beautiful and doing what you love and that's not something everyone can say!

  4. Oh gosh...I LOVED this!!! It's ridiculous the kind of crap I get for my healthy lifestlye. I don't judge people for their unhealthy lifestyles, so I don't understand why they want to stay on me for wantin to be healthy and prevent future diseases and illnesses! I chalk it up to jealousy. Thanks for sharing this- I added it to my blog post for today!! I may just start sending people here when they say things to me in the future... :) PERFECTLY said!!!

  5. I couldn't agree with you more about everything you said!! Thank you for sharing this :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing this B! Believe it, most of the time I feel crazy for eating different, and makes me sad that commentaries come specially from my family, I feel like the "weird" member of the family, that is way I try not to be in touch with them pretty often, sad but true, I am married with a "normal" mexican man, and the house is a mix of healthy (for me) and junk food (for my husband) and my three kids can choose whatever they want, and they choose unhealthy food my husband asks for.. it's not easy, but I have to be dealing with this problem everyday.. I dont want to be the fat girl I used to be.. just wish my kids one day understand that eating clean is the best thing we can do for our health.. Thak you for all yor recipes, they have helped me a lot to keep on eating clean, since I dont like neither chicken nor fish taste.. gasp!


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