Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little sore: Jamie Eason LiveFit week 3

We started week three on Sunday with the chest/tri's workout which I loved and definitely felt it afterwords... yesterday was leg day and HOLY! What a workout! I went to the gym at 6am and by 6pm I could already feel my butt and hamstrings getting sore. I loaded up on Glutamine before bed, but I am still very sore today and it will likely get worse tomorrow, but I'm not complaining I love the feeling of being sore! Here is the workout- even if you are not following the LiveFit program I recommend you give it a try!

It doesn't look too bad, but it's tough!
I also started my Healthful Living class last night at a nearby community college. It was really just an overview of what is to come, but I'm super excited about some of the topics that were mentioned and guest speakers he has scheduled to come in. I can't wait to share what I learn! After my very long day, I came home to a surprise from B :)
Flowers for no reason, he's a keeper! :)

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