Friday, September 30, 2011

A little late... Thought for Friday?

So I suck and had no time at all to blog yesterday, which means you get a thought for Friday instead of Thursday. In class, we talked about stress management which lead into living a healthy and fulfilled life. My biggest takeaway from class was that you cannot rely on destiny to shape your future, instead you have to create your future. This circles back to health and fitness because so many people think they are just destined to be fat, oftentimes because their parents are. Personally I think that is simply an excuse, and if you flip the script it is certainly not true. Just because my Mom is thin doesn't mean if I ate cupcakes and doughnuts everyday I would stay thin, and the same goes for those that come from overweight parents. Yes, if it is in your genetics you are probably going to have to work a little more diligently, but that does not make it impossible, and it does not make you destined to fail. Anyhoo, speaking of stress I cannot even put into words how excited I am that this week is almost over! Jeez. One of the things that put a kink in my schedule was an employee dinner I had to attend last night. It was actually at a really nice venue- if you ever make it to Scottsdale, Arizona (Well, I guess Paradise Valley if you want to get technical) you should definitely visit the Sanctuary Resort. It has a great restaurant and ballroom area with an awesome view, and I've never stayed there before but I would assume the rooms are really nice too.
I was faced with the dreaded pre-selected menu... blah.
So, I chose the chicken and peeled off the skin and just ate the inside. I also just had a little bit of the broccolini because I could tell right away, they didn't hold back on that yuzu butter! Whatever the heck that is... 
Not the best photo, but I had to be sneaky... I didn't want people wondering why the heck I was taking pictures of my food. I was not in the mood for explaining.... Oh and in case you're wondering, yes, I did pass on dessert- although it was tempting :)

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