Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day weekend!

I'm currently sitting on my couch, where I have spent most of my Labor day (other than the gym and a couple errands) and I could not be happier about it :) I am constantly running around during the week, spend lots of hours at work, so a day like today every once in a while is much needed. I've also been hanging out with this little girl all weekend while her dad is out of town.
Daisy :) 

B and I did have a great long weekend, and spent a day at the Montelucia resort with friends. I drank my favorite citrus Kombucha and brought some blueberry protein bars with me, it was perfect! ( B was a big fat cheater and ate machaca nachos... the lame part is, if I would have eaten them they would have gone straight to my belly, but him? No consequence! Not fair!)
The beautiful Montelucia Resort

Me and my best friend Jess :)
I also had some awesome workouts this weekend, and I'm loving Jamie's plan so far. Just started week 3 today, and my body is pretty much sore all over! I added in one extra ab exercise yesterday to the shoulders/ab day, and my abs are SO sore, I love it! We wrapped up our weekend with a nice little BBQ dinner, I had chicken and B had steak, with broccoli and yam chips (BTW I think I am officially addicted to these, they are so amazing.)
I'm trying a couple new things this week that will hopefully go on my Football menu, so fingers crossed everything works out!

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