Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little flustered

Don't you hate when you think there is a perfectly normal week ahead and in fact in turns into being a hectic, busy week? Well I do! Since this week decided it would use up the little amount of free time I have, I had to do a whole lot of cooking last night. B wasn't home for dinner tonight, and I won't be home for dinner the next two nights, so I figured our best bet was to get everything cooked and portioned out, that way we can grab and go over the next few days as needed. So, I spent a solid 2 hours in the kitchen last night with a good portion dedicated to cleanup (lame).  I made balsamic mustard chicken with asparagus and cinnamon protein yams (yams not pictured), Moroccan Chicken, brown rice, turkey muffins, and a dozen and a half hard boiled eggs (not pictured either). Our fridge is stuffed and we are out of Tupperware, but our tummies (and muscles) will be happy :) I also found out that I will be traveling for work next week, from Monday-Thursday. Being the super-ultra-mega planner that I am, this immediately sent me in to a panic. I have since calmed down but the anxiety over the trip is building more and more every day. I really like things planned out as much as possible, and when something major like a business trip messes things up it annoys me... but, thus is life I suppose. So, I need advice from those of you that travel for work. I'm guessing I'm going to have to check my bag if I plan on bringing protein powder and food with me on the trip.. yes? no? I'm not sure. I'm thinking I'll make protein bars to take with me, and pack things like almonds, oatmeal etc. By the way I was in charge of booking our rooms so we are staying in hotels with full kitchens. {Huge Smiley Face} Even though I'll have a fridge, stove, and microwave I'm still annoyed at the fact that I will be in sessions from 8am-6pm everyday... so I'm guessing I'll be doing a lot of shakes next week. Workouts shouldn't be an issue because there is also a fitness facility at the hotel. Anyway I would appreciate any tips/tricks/advice for travelling!

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  1. Love your posts! you are too cute. What is it that you do for work?


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