Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eating out and food prep Sunday's

Well another weekend has passed! We had a great time celebrating my moms birthday last night, and we went out to her favorite restaurant- The Chart House. I took a picture of what I ate so I could show that it's usually pretty easy to still eat clean, even when you're out! Most restaurants will will make your meat plain, and then you can order a side of veggies. Last night I ordered grilled Tilapia and a side of broccoli, all with no butter, salt, or oil.
Also, tonight was bulk cooking night! I made broccoli, mashed cauliflower, green beans, apple blueberry protein muffins, sweet potato protein bars, hard boiled eggs, sweet potato chips, and green tea. We also barbecued steaks (for B) and chicken.
Today we did the shoulder/abs day of jamie Easons 12 week trainer and WOW did it burn! I'm definitely used to lifting heavy in the 6-8 range for shoulders and doing 12 reps was so different! This week, we are adding in an extra day because we will both go stir crazy with 3 days off, so we are doing an extra day of back and bi's.  I'm so excited to see the end results of this program!! :)

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