Thursday, August 4, 2011


I was asked on facebook about how to condition yourself to do more pull-ups, and B actually found a great article in Men's Fitness about pull-ups. We just started doing the pull-up plan this week, but it seems logical and hopefully can help everyone get their numbers up!

So here's what you do:  Write down your personal record (the most reps you can do with good form.) The next time you do pull-ups, take half your PR and do four sets of that number. So if your PR was 10, you'll do four sets of five reps. The next week, add one rep to each set. For week 3, go back to one half your PR number, and add a five pound weight. Continue progressing in this fashion. Here's what the 9 week program looks like:

Week 1: 4 x 1/2 PR
Week 2: 4 x 1/2 PR + 1 rep
Week 3: 4 1/2 PR with 5lbs
Week 4: 4 x 1/2 PR + 1 rep with 5lbs
Week 5: 4 x 1/2 PR with 10 lbs
Week 6: 4 x 1/2 PR + 1 rep with 10 lbs
Week 7: 4 x 1/2 PR with 15 lbs
Week 8: 4 x 1/2 PR +1 rep with 15lbs
Week 9: retest your max

We started at week 2 and did 30-45 second rests. Let me know if you start this plan too!

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