Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little things I don't miss

I started thinking yesterday about how many food items used to be staples in my life, and now don't even glance twice at them when I'm at the grocery store. Here are a few things that I've replaced, and what I've replaced them with!

First, is Orange Juice. I would typically drink a whole jug by myself in a week. Although OJ does have vitamins and minerals in it, it also has a TON of sugar... so you're much better off just eating an orange. I've replaced this with my AM BCAA's. They're just as tasty and have great benefits.

My go-to breakfast item was Special K and soy milk. I've completely eliminated packaged, processed foods which means my Special K had to go. It's not that terrible for you, but oats or a homemade protein pancake are much better options. I've also replaced the Soy milk with Almond milk... Soy milk is very processed.

I would have a 90 calorie granola bar pre-workout everyday, which has been replaced with homemade protein bars. Again, these usually have sugar and additives and it's always better to just make your own.

My Starbucks order of Soy Chai Lattes have been replaced with un-sweetened green tea. Yum!

Like many, I'm a peanut butter lover but the chunky peanut butter had to go. Now we just use chunky almond butter-- the only ingredients are almonds and sea salt.

Pasta, even whole wheat is super high on the glycemic index-- which is why it's been replaced with spaghetti squash. It's really tasty and really low in calories.

On another note, this is the last week before my week long vacation! I am planning on doing 2 a days for at least 3 days this week-- my normal routine in the morning, then back for 20 min of HIIT after work. Not sure how big of a difference it will make, but I know my eating/working out wont be perfect while I'm on vacation, so I might as well amp it up now :)

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  1. Still loving on your blog. :) thanks for the post. I've replaced all cereal with oatmeal and egg whites in the morning and finally got the BF on board. Replaced my beloved coffeemate hazelnut creamer with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and splenda (I know, I know.... Artificial sweetener :-/) Since we've made a conscious effort to start eating clean, I'm so proud to check out with all my healthy goodies when I grocery shop and I am definitely guilty of looking at other people's carts and seeing what they're feeding their families. The only thing I can't seem to give up is alcohol, but it's usually only a weekend indulgence.


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