Monday, July 25, 2011

Tricked by a little marketing

I saw a Clif bar wrapper sitting at the top of the trash can in the office this morning, and was curious about the nutrition so I googled it. Prepare yourself; a Clif bar has 21g of sugar! This is nearly how much I have in an entire day. This got me thinking about other products that are marketed to be "healthy" but really aren't. Before eating clean, I would check nutrition labels for things like calories and carbs, when really I needed to be looking at the sugar and ingredients (if you can't say it or spell it, don't eat it). Although it is always best to avoid packaged, processed foods, sometimes you have to turn to them in a pinch. Here are a few things you want to stay away from:

As I mentioned, each one of these has 21g of sugar.
If you're trying to cut fat, you should keep sugar intake to 5-6 g per meal.

People see strawberries, fat free, and think great! Not really.
This small container of yogurt has a whopping 26g of sugar!
Try non-fat greek yogurt instead and add your own fresh blueberries.

Here are the ingredients on Quaker brown sugar instant oatmeal. Make sure you are aware of the order in which the ingredients are listed, because they list them according to quantity found in the product. Sugar is listed second here which means there is a lot of it. (about 13g)
 If I packaged my oats, the ingredients would be: Whole grain rolled oats. The end.

Taco Salad sounds innocent enough, right? Check out that sodium! 1420g! The FDA recommends 2400g per day, so this is more than half in a salad. Not to mention it's  770 calories and has 42g of fat. UNREAL! Try browning some 99/1 extra lean turkey and tossing that on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, beans, and salsa instead.

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