Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little time off

I learned today that rest and recovery are truly critical when you are training hard. I had an unusually intense leg day yesterday (I increased weights on almost every exercise!) and did HIIT, so I killed it at the gym to say the least. :: Pat on the back:: Usually on leg day I will incorporate an extra serving of grain based carbs, but for some reason yesterday I forgot to do that. It's safe to say I will never forget again, because when I woke up this morning my body hated me! As odd as this may sound, I typically wake up full of energy and super excited to hit the gym. Today it was a serious struggle to get out of bed and even after I had eaten and drank my Xtend I was still feeling unusually sluggish. I went to the gym anyway, which was a horrible idea because I think I lasted all of 3 minutes. My stomach felt weird, my energy was a 0, so I turned around and went home. I wanted to share this for a couple reasons: first, to emphasize how important nutrition is to your body, and second to make sure that you know when to listen to the cues your body is giving. Being lazy and needing rest are very different, and it's important to be able to differentiate between the two. Even though it wasn't easy at all to leave the gym this morning, it wasn't the end of the world- all I have to do is re-do my plan for the rest of the week, and everything works out fine. A few things that typically help me stay energized, healthy, and ready to tackle the day are:

- 8 hours of sleep every single night.
-Eating according to my activity level (except yesterday when I failed miserably at this)
-Drinking TONS of water
-Using supplements that make me feel better and show results
-A massage from my lovely boyfriend every once in a while-- all you have to do is drop the "ugh, I worked out so hard yesterday, my back is so sore" line... :)

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