Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A little different: Kombucha

I have posted about Apple Cider Vinegar a few times, and although it has been working pretty well, I'm giving something else a try. After asking Michelle LeSueur a question about the ACV, she said she had an alternative that worked even better. After my question, she was nice enough to write a blog post about it. Kombucha has enzymes, probiotics, and is a detox as well. Like the ACV, it has the "mother" in it and has gone through the same fermentation process, it just hasn't made it to the vinegar stage yet so it's not as acidic. I'm interested to see which works better- I'm not sure if my stomach needs the acid, or if it's the enzymes and probiotics that help the most.

You can find these at Whole Foods near the produce section
 Some initial benefits over the ACV I see are 1) it tastes MUCH better. In fact they taste amazing. I bought the Citrus and Gingerade flavors yesterday at Whole Foods, but there are tons of options and in Michelles blog post, she explains how you can make it at home too. 2) You don't have to worry about adding any water to it, you can just drink it right out of the bottle. She recommended starting out slow with about 2oz before each meal (because of the detoxifying nature) and adjusting if necessary. It tastes so good it's hard to stop after just a couple sips, but I'm not willing to find out what happens if you drink the whole bottle at once :) I hope this works out, it just seems much more convenient in general and it will be easy to leave a couple bottles in the fridge at work, and a couple at home! I will do an update post in about a week!


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