Monday, June 13, 2011

A little team work

Tonight I made a simple brown rice, broccoli, and baked chicken dinner. Big B had a great idea to take the extra brown rice and make clean chicken fried rice. While he worked on that, I baked some protein bars! I'll start with his fried rice.... he adapted the recipe from and this is what he came up with. It turned out so good and now between leftovers from dinner, and the fried rice, I don't have to cook tomorrow. Always a plus!

Great job babe!
While he was working on that, I was making protein bars for the week. I used Jamie Easons Carrot Cake Protein bars as my guide, and made a couple changes. You can find my version of the bars under favorite recipes. I would love to try different baby food flavors, and I will probably add fruit next time too. They came out really good though- Big B likes these better, and I think I'm a bigger fan of the Lemon Protein bars, but they're both really yummy!

Right out of the oven

Recipe makes 16 squares, 2 squares is one serving. 

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