Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Pains

My parents alway joke about how bad of a baby I was. Always crying and crabby. Well come to find out I am lactose intolerant and they were giving me regular milk because they didn't know! In addition to this, although I haven't been tested I am 99% sure I am also allergic to gluten which really limits my food options. Until I decided to start eating clean, I tended to ignore these two little facts and would eat dairy and gluten as I pleased. I did this mostly because I found that when I cut it out, my stomach would often still hurt after eating, so I figured I might as well eat what I want! I have noticed a HUGE change in the way my stomach has felt this past week after eating clean, it's actually very surprising to me. Unfortunately, I think I have some sort of digestive problems because there have been a couple times this week even after eating clean that my stomach has hurt. When I say hurt, I mean I get bloated to the point where I look pregnant (no, seriously) and I get bad pains that last anywhere from 10 minutes to all day. I was looking at Tosca Reno's blog and came across a post she did about her stomach bloating after eating. She mentioned that her and her daughter started drinking raw apple cider vinegar before eating and it helped a ton. So I took myself straight to Whole Foods to buy some!

Make sure you get the raw, unfiltered kind for the best results

I tried it last night right before dinner, and I will say it's very... vinegary but it's not too bad, and definitely tolerable. (I read that when one lady took it for the first time she vomited! I promise it's not that bad) I had to think of a way to bring it with me to work without bringing the whole bottle, since that's where I eat 3 of my 6 meals for the day. I decided to measure out the right amount, then put it in a water bottle. This will make it easy for me to spit this into 3 servings while I'm at work.

A little plug for the promo company I use at work- Smart Ink is great :)
 After doing some research doseage suggestions are all over the place, from 1tsp to 2tbsp with water. I am doing 2tsp and will adjust if I need to.Toscas blog said to give it a couple weeks before you notice a difference so, my fingers are crossed!


  1. I have the EXACT same pains you talk about! It is never brought on by any particular food, but I get that same bloated, preggo tummy and sometimes the pains last for a few hours or even a few's crazy! It's been like that for years but the episodes are so sporadic that it seemed pointless to go to a doctor. I've been doing some reading about it lately and I thought I also might be lactose intolerant...but I've never gotten any tests done. I'll try the apple cider vinegar and see if that helps any...thanks!

  2. Little b do u still take this prior to meals and does it work? Do you use it for salad dressings or for cooking?

  3. Hey Britt! I would love to try ACV before each meal to help with bloating. Can you please let me know if there is a time lapse that i need to wait between drinking ACV and eating for the ACV to work in/with the digestive tract properly?

    1. I've found that taking just one "shot" followed by lemon water in the morning has worked best.

  4. Hey Liittle B! I was wondering how many "shots" you take a day as well as how much acv, are in these "shots"?

  5. Hey! I have those same issues! The bloated feeling and I tell my husband "look, I look like I'm about 6 mths pregnant" after I eat. And right before I eat I might looks super trim. I've been working really hard for the last year & 1/2 and lost 17 lbs. Now I just want to tone up what I have and keep it that way! I also came across Tosca Reno's apple cider blog and a couple of weeks ago started using it. I actually try to do the drink with lemon, a little honey, water, and a tiny bit of cayenne in it at night before bed. It doesn't taste the best in the world, but you start getting used to it. Then I try to do about 2 tsps- 1 TBPS in the morning before I leave the house. I haven't tried it before every meal. But you're right, it works! I kind of got out of the groove of using it for a few days, and yep, back came the bloat!! So I think I'll try to keep myself in that habit because I feel so much better using it!


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